One Day Max Transplant

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Suffering from hair loss? Now you can get the confidence-boosting result of a hair transplant in as short as one day! Experience utmost benefits with minimal hassle.

If you are looking to restore your hairline, hair transplants can be a great option. The procedure typically only takes one day – so it won’t disrupt your daily routine!

While there are some medical procedures that require multiple visits to complete, a hair transplant typically only requires one visit to get the job done. This means that you won’t have to worry about taking time off work or making numerous appointments over the course of several weeks or months.

In addition, many patients report feeling little discomfort during their procedure since local anesthesia is used so they don’t feel any pain during the process. With these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder why more and more people are turning to this minimally invasive option for restoring their full head of hair.

Root Hair Clinic is revolutionizing the hair transplant industry with its innovative one-day maximum procedure. Root Hair Clinic Korea’s unique approach allows for a full head of healthy, natural-looking hair in just one day, making it possible to restore your confidence and self-image without having to take a long leave from work or other commitments. Korea Root Hair Clinic’s experienced team of surgeons and technicians use the latest techniques and technology to ensure that each patient receives high-quality results. With Root Hair Clinic Korea, you can get back to living life on your own terms quickly and safely!


Making the right decision when it comes to hair transplants can truly change your life. At Root Hair Transplant, we make sure you get the best One Day Max Surgery by considering a variety of factors such as density and elasticity of your scalp, cost, and most importantly – satisfaction with outcomes. With our expertise in this field, we guarantee that you will be provided with an experience tailored just for you!

Separated follicles will be kept under 4 °C to improve the survival rate.

FUE Method

PRP treatment: platelets and plasma will be inserted to improve the success rate.

Scalp Laser: This will improve blood circulation and nutrient supply for a better success rate.

Maximum 4000 hair transplants; it depends on the condition and density of the back of your head.


It’s essential to take proper care of your new scalp following a hair transplant. Your doctor will provide you with specific post-operative instructions that need to be followed for successful recovery, such as the following. With diligent attention, your transplanted locks can flourish!


Shampoo the transplanted area and the back of your head.

Scalp Laser is used to heal the scalp and to improve the survival rate of transplanted hair.

EGF spray is applied to improve the nutritional supply.


Stitches are removed

Scalp and scab care (Keratin)

Scalp Laser


Hair cell (Creates a magnetic field around your scalp and activates the follicle cells to improve the microvessels)

Meso-therapy (Injecting medication into your scalp)


Scaling Red: Dandruff Treatment / Orange: Oil and Sebum treatment

Orange: Oil and Sebum treatment

Yellow : Keratin care

Jet Filling

Jet Filling

Blue: Crown hair loss treatment

Green: Scalp strengthening Scalp Laser 

Scalp Laser

Aroma Massage


EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is essential for successful hair transplantation. It works by transferring follicles, the tree roots of your hair, from one area to another and giving them new nutrition over a period of three days; just like when you move trees on Earth during transplanting.

To ensure the survival of hair follicles after a surgical procedure, it is essential to provide them with moisture and nutrients for the first 3 days. EGF Spray can help in this regard by supplying nourishment and hydration to keep your newly transplanted hair healthy during those critical early days post-op.

EGF is a pivotal molecule for keeping hair growth in check, as it helps to initiate and control the natural cycle of follicle production. Its remarkable role ensures that our locks stay healthy and balanced – a crucial factor!

Root Hair Clinic is proud to offer a unique and revolutionary One Day Max Surgery, complete with the exclusive EGF Spray treatment. Experience maximum satisfaction from your hair restoration journey – book an appointment today and breathe new life into your look! Root Hair Clinic promises you a full head of hair that will let you live life to the fullest.

Why Choose Root Hair Clinic for One Day Max Transplant?

At Root Hair Clinic, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive and thorough One Day Max Transplant procedure that results in the highest satisfaction rates. Our surgeons are highly experienced in performing this procedure, and our clinic utilizes cutting-edge technology for maximum results. We also provide personalized care to each of our patients so that they feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Our excellent customer service and satisfaction ratings are a testament to our commitment to helping you look and feel your best. Our patients have consistently reported that they were very satisfied and happy with their results, noting a faster recovery time, near-immediate visible results, and minimal scarring. What’s more, many of them also reported that the procedure was very comfortable.

Jenina Sandiego from Colorado, USA praised her experience with Root Hair Clinic’s One Day Max Transplant procedure. She was delighted by the fast and efficient results that enabled minimal downtime while achieving a natural-looking head of hair – making it an excellent choice for those who desire fuller locks!

Booking Information

Booking an appointment at Root Hair Clinic is easy and straightforward. We make it easy to book an appointment for hair transplant treatment. You can book a consultation or an appointment online with us anytime during our opening hours: from Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm or you can just give us a call at +010-3111-3505. Root Hair Clinic provides convenient and accessible booking solutions for anyone interested in getting a hair transplant in Korea. We understand that our clients have busy lives, and we want to make the process of scheduling an appointment as seamless as possible.


At Root Hair Clinic, you can get up to 8,000 strands or follicles of hair transplanted in a single session with FUT and/or FUE methods. Specifically for the former method, 4,000 grafts are available, while 2,000 grafts are offered with the latter.

Root Hair Clinic recommends that patients wait a minimum of one year between transplants in the same area, and at least six months when two areas are involved. This process allows for proper donor wound healing to take place before another transplant procedure is conducted.

At Root Hair Clinic, there is no limit to the number of hair transplants a person can have. The patient must wait until their previously implanted follicles are healed before undergoing another procedure, and their surgeon needs to be extra cautious not to disturb them. With this in mind, having multiple transplant sessions could help restore one’s desired hair growth results!


Root Hair Clinic is revolutionizing the hair transplant industry with its innovative and advanced one-day maximum hair surgery. Whether you’re looking for a natural and minimally invasive way to restore your full head of hair or simply want the convenience of being able to complete the process in just one day, Root Hair Clinic has got you covered. Their experienced team of surgeons and technicians uses the latest techniques and technology available so that each patient can get high-quality results without having to take long leaves from work or other commitments. With Root Hair Clinic, it’s possible to regain confidence quickly and safely!