Eyebrows Design for the shape of face

Squared shape

The ideal eyebrow shape: Curvature of the eyebrows with an arch. Apex of the arch can be pulled to cover the forehead, if required.  

Eyebrow shape to avoid: Straight eyebrows. Especially one with a wide forehead

Round shape

The ideal eyebrow shape: The thickness and the arch will be more angular giving a sophisticated look.

Eyebrow shape to avoid: Round eyebrows can make your face look wider.

Reverse triangle

The ideal eyebrow shape: Half of the eyebrows thicker than the other half of the arch.

Eyebrows shape to avoid: Arrow shaped eyebrows or straight eyebrows.

Oval Shaped

The ideal eyebrow shape: Natural thickness of the eyebrows that is straight is recommended. The apex of the eyebrows are located on the outer side of the eyes.

Eyebrows shape to avoid: Drawing your eyebrows lower than the head of the eyebrows. This can make your face look sad.