Structure of the scalp

An enlarged image of the scalp surface

This enlarged image of the scalp shows hair growing out of the pores. In one pore, as little as 1 to as many as 4 hairs grow together, this is called the “hair follicle unit.” The most common method of hair transplantation is hair follicle transplantation, which is to transplant the follicular unit together to the new area.

Although hair follicle transplantation is simple and takes a short time, the result of surgery may seem unnatural, especially for Koreans with thicker hair.

An enlarged image of the diagonal section of the scalp

From the diagonal section picture of the scalp, the area where the surface is smeared is the epidermis, and the area that looks white underneath is the dermal layer. (The red area is the blood vessel.)

The inner hair, which is connected to hair outside the skin, is visible from the subcutaneous layer, usually at a depth of 5-6mm below the skin. These hair follicles enclose the hair in a cylindrical shape in length.

Vertical plane of scalp

You can see that the hair follicles are cut in the direction of length by a microscope on the longitudinal plane of the scalp.

Diagonal section of scalp

This is a picture of a cross-section of the scalp, where the skin’s subcutaneous activity is cut parallel to the skin’s surface.You can see that the hair follicle is surrounded by a circular pattern around its red, black-coloured hair.*

The functions and the structure of the hairs.

The functions of the Hair.

The hair is part of the skin and is distributed throughout the entire body except for the palms, lips and foot. Hair can protect the scalp and skin from external environments such as ultraviolet and pollution. Hair can also help temperature control and represents beauty in some cases. Therefore hair can be a very sensitive and important topic for people.

The Structure of the Hair

If you look at the cross section of hair, you can divide it into three sections, the thin and hard scale-like skin, the thickest part that establishes the color of the hair and the section that delivers nutrients.