Legal & Refund Policy


Refund Policy

We value your trust in us and have placed our refund policy here for your benefit.

Refund Policy For Clinics Under Korean Law

Under Korean law, Legislation 2014-4 of the Korea Consumer Agency states clinics are to determine their own refund policy. The following is our refund policy:

Surgery Refund Policy

-No refund will be made once the surgery has begun.
-There are no partial or full refunds in any way, shape or form for dissatisfaction with your surgery. This is the standard policy across Korea. It is standard practice in Korea that you sign a waiver before your surgery which includes this information. Our doctor will spend time during your consultation to see what kind of results you have in mind while explaining the process, so please explain everything then.
-There is no reimbursement of any personal expenses for any reason.

Deposit Refund Policy

Please keep in mind that your surgery time slot is set aside specifically for you including all the aftercare timeslots needed. Cancellations cost financial implications for other patients and the clinic.
Your deposit is partially refundable in the following circumstances:

Partial Deposit Refund Policy:

Category 1: 14+ business days notice before treatment – 90% refund
Category 2: 10-13 business days notice before treatment- 50% refund
Category 3: 7-9 business days notice before treatment – 20% refund
Category 4: Less than 7 business days notice before treatment – 0% refund

* Our Working hours are 9:30am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9:30am to 4pm on Saturdays Korean standard time. A business day is counted within these working hours.
**Example of a cancellation request:
If you e-mail a cancellation request on a business day at 8pm Korean standard time on the 14th business day before surgery, it is after working hours and it will be classified as received on the next business day. This means that it is classified as Category 2 (10-13 business days notice) and you are entitled to 50% of the deposit to be returned.
*All cancellations must be done in writing and sent to our e-mail address: [email protected].  A phone call or text message is not sufficient. The time stamp on the e-mail will be used to determine any timing issues.
*Please note that deposits will be returned minus any sending fees we have to incur from the sending method. These are things like bank fees, Pay Pal fees etc.
*Please note that all the cancellation requests made during Korean Holidays are not considered business days.
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