eyebrow Design

Before we proceed with the surgery. We will design the desired eyebrows shape on your face so that you are able to see for yourself what to expect.

Head of the eyebrows (Length 5mm ~ 10mm)

The most inner part of eyebrows. The shape near the nose is either round or square. The end of the head should be closer to the nose compared to the middle part of the eyes. As you age, “Point A” on the diagram goes towards the nose. If “Point A” is wider then you will look more feminine.

Body of the eyebrows (Length 25mm ~ 30mm)

The thickest part of eyebrows. For females, towards the tail it gets narrower. For males, towards the tail it doesn’t get narrower.

Tail of the eyebrows

Gets less dense and thinner. The apex of the arche has hair pointing downwards.