Why Root Clinic?

We will set the standard for the hair transplant

Why Root

No.1 hair transplantation clinic
We will set the standard for the hair transplant. Root Hair Transplant has a long term goal to continuously help people with hair loss

At root hair transplant, we give customized hair transplants to all those who need it. Many people may be hesitant because of the cost surrounding hair transplant. However, Root Hair Transplant is proud to provide quality care and service, making the solution long lasting.

At Root hair Transplant you can achieve your dream, as we operate with according to the minimum expenses needed for you. 

 With make your dreams come true base off the minimum expensesYou can achieve your dream result with minimum expenses

Hair transplantation requires utmost concentration, therefore, we have five expert doctors who can give you the best results.

Root Hair Transplant performs several surgeries daily!

You can check via our website that we have transplanted over 10,000,000 hair follicles so far and counting.

We only have professional doctors with expertise at Root Hair Transplant.

Root Hair Transplant continues in our publication of medical journals.

Procedures are performed in the morning, afternoon and evening. Therefore, there is no long waiting times for our customers.

Major papers about hair loss

Korean journals and publications

<Alopecia areata (Spot Baldness)> – 1993 Korean Dermatology Institute
 <Crown Hair loss> – 1994 Korean Dermatology Institute
<Pubic Hair loss treatment> – 2001 Korean Dermatology Institute

International journals and publications

<610 Hair loss patient’s Clinical treatment method> – 1993 World Dermatology Institute (Austria, Vienna)
– 2001 European Hair Institute (Spain, Barcelona)
– 2002 European hair Institute
– International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

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