Hairline Hair Transplant

What is hairline hair transplant ?

For women, a high forehead, or an M-shaped forehead, or if the side of the forehead looks wider can make the face look wider and longer but at Root Hair Transplant you can lower or narrow the forehead line, making a pretty oval shaped forehead and reduce the overall size of the face.


For men, a wide forehead or a forehead that is so wide that makes the individual look like he has hair loss, can be covered by hair transplantation on the hairline. If you’re worried because you’re born with a wide forehead, you can get treatment much more effectively than an individual who has male pattern hair loss. The results from the primary surgery will bring about dramatic results.


Surgery to modify or lower hairline requires a high degree of skill compared to a hair transplant surgery for typical baldness. Unlike a typical bald head transplant, a traditional hairline modification is most naturally implanted considering the density around it.

The perfect face shape is known to be the distance from the jawline to the nose, the nose to the forehead, and from the area between the eyebrows to the hairline. It is also known as the 1:1:1 ratio. Essentially the forehead already plays ⅓ of the part of making what is known as a beautiful face. 

The forehead is the standard of beauty. A moderately wide, and slightly protruding forehead is also known to be a good form. 

A lot of plastic surgery is performed to make a round slightly protruding forehead. If your forehead changes, you can create a better image overall of oneself.

In the case of the area between the scalp and forehead, most men are M-shaped, while women have round-shaped lines. A lot of people who want hairline transplant dislike the wide forehead, so they want to exclusively just lower hairline, rather than matching the hairline with their face shape, but as one gets older, the hairline naturally retreats from its original state, so long-term plans in 10 years are more important than creating a 2-3 year shape.

Hairline Hair Transplant Method

Stage Zone techniques

For the hairline transplant, the front hairline grows first and then gradually the hairs behind follow with thick hair growth.

Fine Brush-Touch techniques

The front part will have 1 follicles implanted, the middle area 3 follicles, and the end of the back, three or four, which gradually gives the hairline more volume. If the hairline is transplanted straight, then the mark of the hair transplant will be clearly visible and look unnatural. Therefore, it is important to create a natural hairline by making a winding hairline in the form of a “snail track” and putting a difference in density.

Gradual Direction techniques

Considering the direction and angle of your hair, you can adjust the direction of your hair and the angle of your scalp to create the desired hair style after implant.