Reasons for Hair loss

Reasons for Hair loss

Humans, unlike animals, have more reasons for hair loss than genetics or male hormones. It can be caused from stress, lack of nutrients, or from aging. But some people believe that the reason behind hair loss is from an extreme amount of male hormones. However, this is not the correct interpretation of the process. 

If we look at the fact that there aren’t women with patterned hair loss, it can be stated that male hormones indeed have a correlation with hair loss, especially with men. However, the determining factors are many; the onset of hair loss is the combination of excess male hormones, genetics, skin types and so on. 

Yes, male hormones do cause hair loss, if we look at the fact that there aren’t many bald females. However, not only male hormones, but also the genetic reason behind the extreme amount of male hormones or seborrheic skin that’s caused by it.???

Male hair loss

The most important reason is the receptor. Testosterone is not the main reason for the hair loss, the actual hair loss depends on the receptor inside of your body that can receive and realize the hormones. This is genetic. The more receptors you have, the more likely one will be bald.

So, it’ll be the best to block the signal between the hair cell receptors and male hormones. However these receptors are not found yet and as a result, medication is not to cure hair loss hasn’t been invented. These genes are carried among females too. The reason why there are less females who are bald is because females have 1/20 amount of testosterone made in their body and the receptor on the hair is not big enough to receive these testosterones.

Alopecia areata is one of the main hair loss that is not hormonal or genetic. Losing hair on your head similar to the size of a coin, can happen to any gender and age. There are several hypotheses that include: autoimmune disease, damaged peripheral nerves or autonomic nerve and lastly stress. If the hair cannot receive enough nutrients, eventually it’ll lose its strength and fall out.

Prevent balding since younger age.

Balding or hair loss at a young age is usually influenced by genetics, but we see some people who say that they are the only bald one in the family. The main assumption concludes it’s because of the lack of nutrients. Diet with high fat intake or high spice intake can influence hair loss. There are also reports that kids who consumed fast food or high volume of snacks grew up to have hair loss.

Other reasons can be from: Bad digestive system, if you wear hats or helmets all the time which stops the micro vessels from working. Also includes bad shampoos or conditioners, lack of sleep, smoking and lack of exercise.