Advantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

High-Density – Hair Transplant Surgery

During the surgery, there are two methods to transplant hair follicles into the area. 

Hair transplanter method or the Slit transplant method

Both methods have different advantages. At Root Hair Transplant we use one method depending on the situation or both methods if needed. 

Abundant hair

Hair transplant of course uses your own hair, however there is a limited number of hair follicles that can be transplanted. It’s transplanting hair from dense areas to less dense areas.

The key point here is to transplant the limited number of hair follicles and try  to make it look denser. We also have to make sure that the donor area is not scarred.

In Root Hair Transplant, we will take care of your scars after your surgery with a scar clinic and minimise the size of the scar. 

From our years of experience, we will try to achieve optimal density with minimal hair.

Hairline hair transplant 

Hairline transplant can make your face look smaller. This surgery will decrease the size of the wide forehead to make your face look slim and smaller.

Minimum scaring stitching

During the surgery, there will be an incision and stitching from the donor area. At Root Hair Transplant, we try our best to minimise the scar with the minimum scaring and stitching.

Non-incisional Hair Transplant

F.U.E (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method or Non-incisional method does not need an incision but will be extracted per follicles and transplanted. There won’t be any incision at the donor area, because the extraction will be done with hand pieces. 

PRP hair transplant

PRP hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to transplant hair. Both Hair transplant and PRP will be used to improve the survival rate of the hair. Your own blood will be extracted and separated to extract platelets and plasma. These contain 7 different types of proteins to improve recovery.

PRP is either injected into the hair loss area or injected into the transplanted area. This decreases  the scabbing and minimises swelling and chance of infection.