FUE & FUT hair Transplant

Incisional or Non-incisional hair extraction method on the occipital side of your head. The hair on your occipital side has less gray hair and suits your eyebrows the best.

400 ~ 450 follicles are used. If there are two hairs in one follicle, then it’ll be used to improve the density of the center part of your eyebrow.

USHT- (Ultrasonic Scan Hair Transplantation)

USHT will be able to precisely check the direction of the hair inside the scalp and the position of the follicles. This will allow a safe extraction with the least amount of follicle damage. Which maximises the survival rate of the follicles.

Ordinary non-incisional hair transplant 

Non-incisional method’s main point is to not damage the follicles. Once the follicles are damaged they cannot be transplanted. Until now, the surgeon and the nurses have to physically look at the way the hair is growing and extract it. This way, the surgeon’s skill will determine the survival rate of the hair follicles. Dermatol Surgery 2008 has said that the survival rate is around 17.30%.

USHT hair transplant

This method will use ultrasound scan to find the exact location of the follicles and extract the follicles with less damage. This has improved the survival rate to 3~4%.


The donor area will be divided into 5 zones. The scanner will analyze the angle and the position of the follicles.

This data will be computerized and automatically be calculated.

Just like the diagram, the angle of the hair looks different with your eyes and the actual angle inside the scalp.

Using bluetooth this data will be sent to the smart punching machine. Then a laser pointer will be used to get the angle exactly right while extracting.

The root scan punch, which has an electric

After punching, follicles will be extracted from the scalp.