scar hair transplant surgery

What is a scar hair transplant surgery?

Root Hair Transplant is able to help you out with any scars from an accident that caused the hair damage.If a hair loss is caused by an external impact, surgery scar or burn injury. The solution is either a hair transplant surgery or a simple stitching method is used.

There are three main reasons for a successful hair transplant surgery.

1 Abundant microvessels 

2 Elasticity of the skin on the scar

3 The time when the scar is made

Scar hair transplant Method

Transplant Surgery

In the scarred area, the survival rate of the hair root is much lower. In some cases, you will need to do the transplant surgery 2 ~ 3 times. The scarred area will improve, unfortunately it will feel less dense than before.

Simple Stitching Method

Removing some the scarred area and stitching the scar smaller. If the scarred area is too big, decreasing the size of the scar and transplanting hair on the area. If the scar size is already small, then we move into transplant surgery.