Female Hair loss

Females have more estrogen in their body compared to androgen. So they won’t fully go bold. 

However, losing a lot of hair can result in less dense hair. Male hair loss will result in losing hair follicles and roots. Female hair loss does not result in this.

Female hair loss starts from the crown of the head and usually it doesn’t change the hairline. However, sometimes there are people who get male pattern hair lines.

The biggest reason for female hair loss is genetic reason that results in sensitivity towards male hormones. Generally, stress related hair loss, after giving birth related hair loss, malnutrition from a poor diet can weaken the hair and result in hair loss.

Female hair loss and Vellus hair (peach fuzz)

Hair loss from the crown of the head usually has a radius of 4 ~ 6mm. These can be distinguished if the hair loss spot has vellus hair or not. However, just because there is vellus hair on the spot, it does not require less hair transplanted.

Hair transplant to improve the density

In order to improve the crown of the hair, we need to transplant in terms of hair follicles. In the middle of the crown will need follicles with 2 ~ 3 hairs. The further it goes from the crown follicles with 1 hair will be transplanted.